Testimonials by Users:

„I want to share a great experience with DermaFerm CLEANACUTE. Before the New Year s Eve  I ate boiling greasy broth and because I’m stupid, I had a bowl of soup on my knees and it rolled over to my décolleté. I had a burnt décolleté and breasts, I quickly poured cold water on it, I didn’t have a blister, but I had everything in pain and red. I didn’t know what to do with it, so I went to my friend’s sister and she lent me this MIRACLE, I must say that I don’t believe much in these things, but this spray really helped me. I sprayed DermaFerm on the burns and if I didn’t experience it, I wouldn’t believe it: in a few minutes, I didn’t have a bit of red or blisters, just an almost healthy color of the décolleté and breasts, no pain. I’m just sorry I don’t have photos before and after, because this is really something new and I will recommend it to everyone. Thank you very much for this amazing spray and for your work. I apologize for any mistakes, I write it on the phone. Regards “  LK

„My son developed psoriasis at the age of 26, with the largest lesion on his shin, where his skin was scratched to the blood. He received a skin spray with corticoids, which completely healed the surface of the skin, but the dry and red spots remained, and after a short time everything returned to its original unsightly state. For the next 3 years we struggled with the skin manifestations of psoriasis with various products, cleansing gel and cream for sensitive skin were a matter of our everyday life. Last year, I received a Derma.Fermu COMPLETE package – an emulsion for all three steps of care. We started with a red emulsion. In two days I saw a significant difference, the scabs peeled off and the white spots with a layer of scales disappeared significantly. On the third day, my son’s skin stopped itching, and as he stopped scratching, the bearing healed even better. I would never believe that something could work so miraculously quickly. We used the red emulsion for about 10 days because I wanted to make sure that the skin healed. Then we applied emulsion No. 2, green. The red spot shrank and separated into more smaller, irritated islets of skin. After consuming the entire package, ie all three emulsions, the bearing was reduced from about 10 x 6cm to 4 x 2cm, from red, scaly skin to a pink spot. “ JS

„My son used DermaFerm COMPLETE foot emulsion. He had mold between his toes, which gradually turned to 3/4 of his foot, with a very unpleasant odor. He used Exoderil cream and solution for several years, with varying degrees of success. When I saw how well his psoriasis skin heals (see the record above) , we decided to try DermaFerm COMPLETE on foot mold. The reddened skin of her feet gradually dwindled, and the peeled skin between her toes began to heal. I can’t say exactly how long it took, but first the mold shrunk to the area just below the fingers and between them, then it started to heal there, too, the blisters disappeared and, most importantly, the unbearable smell stopped. Hygienic habits and treatment of shoes and socks were still the same, we did not change anything there, so the whole success was demonstrably thanks to DermaFerm. “ JS

„This record concerns my son JB, born on March 22, 1997 with CHARGE syndrome. From the ninth month of age, he has a tracheostomy cannula inserted into his throat and from the fifth year PEG for nutrition through the abdominal wall into the stomach. During the last year, however, the son tends to be very sluggish, so despite repeated treatments during the day, the entrance to the neck around the cannula was red and often „wet“ from above the neck. The entrance around the abdominal wall around the PEG has also started to hurt in recent months, and the procedures I have established have stopped working. Then I tried DermaFerm COMPLETE and it really worked. And I didn’t expect that so fast! After many years of different experiences with a lot of ointments and creams from different sources, I am really very surprised by the effect and I was very relieved in caring for my son. “ MB

„Hello, my name is IZ (born 1960) and I have been diagnosed with psoriasis. The external manifestation of this disease was red itchy pimples, which I made on my legs at the age of about 25 from the knees down. My dermatologist recommended that you lubricate your feet, preferably with Vaseline or Indulona® cream. There has been no improvement within three months. So, on the advice of a pharmacist, I bought URIEGE products (ointment and liquid soap). After about 2 months, there was an improvement – the pimples did not disappear, but they stopped itching. Then I mentioned my problem in front of a colleague who offered me to try DermaFerm (DermaFerm COMPLETE). According to the instructions, I applied exactly all three ingredients and it turned out that my legs were now completely clean. I finished applying the product just before tha main summer season. So now I am in about 6 weeks of „quiet state“. I would then like to apply your product again. Is it possible + how often can I use it + what is your experience after prolonged treatment with your medicine? Hello, I hereby confirm everything that is written. In the summer, the husband can walk in his shorts without scratching his legs and look sick at first glance. EZ, wife of the affected individual

„I am a severe oncology patient with cycles of chemotherapy and biological treatment, which I have been taking every 14 days for 14 months. Recently, I have developed major problems in the oral cavity, which makes my eating very difficult. Small boils have formed on my gums under my teeth and I can only eat food when it has been heated to room temperature – both cold and warm food cause excruciating pain that lasts up to several hours due to the exposure of the necks of my teeth. When I got hold of the Virarest ORAL product, I applied it for the first two days only in the morning with five sprays on the teeth and the inside of the lips and cheeks according to the instructions. After that, I read the composition and due to the content of the medicinal herbs, I decided on a more radical application procedure. I sprayed the product on the sore spots for two days almost every two hours. After that, the toothache that had lasted for many weeks (about half a year) stopped, and I therefore continued with the more comfortable application three times a day. It’s been two weeks now that I haven’t had a toothache. So yesterday, after many months of pain, I bravely had warm soup and cold beer again. Much to my surprise, no pain appeared! So I will continue the application with the second pack I bought and I am very curious to see if it will continue to last – of course especially after I stop spraying. Thank you for your help!“ JK