Relief from problems on the skin of modern humans is not possible without the care for a healthy skin microbiome, whether disturbed temporarily or in a long-term.

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"I would like to think that microbiome beauty, or as I call it dirty beauty, is going to replace clean beauty in the mind of consumers because it is more scientific and it brings much better results"
Dr. Marie Drago, Galinée
"Microbiome studies revolutionarized our understanding of the skin, and thus the discovery of skin microbiome is the biggest thing that ever happened to skincare."
Rob Calcraft, Cultured

Scientific research over the last decade has shown the tremendous importance of the beneficial bacteria of the healthy skin acting through the postbiotics they produce. These substances:


have been shown to form a new generation of antimicrobials suppressing the pathogens, but not the beneficial bacteria themselves


strengthen cell connections between the cell surface in the skin thus significantly strengthening the skin protective barrier


can optimally tune the immune system to tolerance of physiological microflora while maintaining immune defense against the pathogens

To release pathogens hidden in skin deposits, BiomCare combines postbiotics extracted from beneficial skin bacteria with an enzyme extract from environmental microorganisms stabilized in the microenvironment of oil emulsions rich in prebiotics applied according to the patented sequence protocol:


At the same time, the application protocol is flexible enough to give the possibility of tuning for all users according to their individual experience. A large amount of experience and good feedback from users allows BiomCare to quickly recommend a suitable product and the optimal protocol meeting your individual needs.

Year 2022 has been named The Year of Skin Microbiome Beauty Products and BiomCare certainly plans to be a part of the celebrations. An ever increasing army of customers now cherishes the idea that friendly bacteria that evolved on our skin should not be removed by alkaline soaps or alcohol disinfections, especially when they secure for us a biological shield against transient skin pathogens, the source of most skin problems. A healthy skin microbiome forms a barrier meaning that the skin retains more moisture, better preserve its protective lipid layer and keeps its protective acid mantle. Such skin is also less prone to sensitation, irritation and redness All BiomCare products contain a unique combination of beneficial prebiotics and postbiotics supporting the preservation and restoration of the healthy skin microbiome whether disturbed temporarily or chronically. Such a healthy microbiome clearly turns into benefit for customers suffering by atopic eczema, nonspecific skin inflammations, and chronic skin infections, to name just a few. In view of these clear benefits, BiomCare works hard to make the products widely available by placing them to Amazon, Walmart, and other beauty skin e-shops through the collaboration with our US partner, Nutritional Products International.

Cosmetic products manufactured by
are suitable for all types of skin independently of age, gender or race


The cornerstone product Derma.Ferm® COMPLETE is supplied in the form of a set of 3 microemulsions providing natural moisturizing substances enriched with a cleansing enzyme complex and soothing prebiotics. We recommend the use for situations connected with a long term damage of natural skin microflora for skin prone to itching, redness, pigmentation, increased dryness, burning and blistering, and for solving problems related to atopic eczema (atopic dermatitis), incipient psoriasis, non-specific and diaper dermatitis in children, fungal or yeast infections especially in cases of sensitive skin of diabetics. Derma.Ferm® CLEANACUTE was developed as a simplified version of Derma.Ferm® COMPLETE for the management of acute conditions, especially small skin injuries, abrasions, burns, including sun, etc. Users wishing to extend any phase of their application can puchase each microemulsion also separately as Derma-Ferm® CLEANACUTE, CALM and NUTRI, respectively.


Suitable for customers with sensitive skin prone to:

  • Non-specific dermatitis with an itchy reaction
  • Chronic fungal skin and nail infections
  • Atopic dermatitis (eczema) in children and adults
  • Incipient psoriasis
  • Inflammations at body inputs and prostheses


  • Efficiently restores healthy skin microflora even in people with long-term problems
  • Patented application sequence
  • Easy and convenient application (dosing) by spraying
  • Application may be easily adjusted to individual needs
  • Replenishment packages available to individuals that wish to extend a particular stage of application based on their individual experience


Two newer products launched at the end of 2021 use the unique antiviral effects of a high molecular weight fraction extracted from the bacteria of the normal skin microflora. VIRAREST® is very suitable as an alternative to chemical disinfectants for maintaining healthy skin at the time of viral infections involving all respiratory viruses (not only the cause of the COVID-19 pandemic). In addition to extracts of beneficial skin bacteria, VIRAREST® Oral also contains extracts from bacteria from the healthy microflora of the oral cavity. Thus, they serve both to increase resistance to respiratory viral diseases and to help prevent problems in the oral cavity such as various aphthae, gingivitis and incipient periodontal disease (periodontitis).


Suitable for individuals with

  • Abiotic skin due to the use of antibiotics, disinfectants and detergents
  • Wishing to protect their body during seasonal respiratory infections (flu, colds, colds)
  • High antimicrobial effect while protecting and supporting the development of healthy skin microflora
  • Suitable for individuals prone skin diseases of viral origin
  • Additional antiviral effects produced by selected plant extracts


  • Efficiently restores healthy skin microflora on abiotic skin
  • Easy application of a single oil emulsion
  • Convenient dosing by spraying
  • Application may be easily adjusted to individual needs
  • Additional packages available to individuals that wish to extend their application based on the individual experience


This type of inflammation is very unpleasant due to its unexpected onset and persistent course. The stimulus can be a wide range of causes, from the reaction to a new component of the diet, through the use of new cosmetics, to allergies arising, for example, from imperfectly washed clothing just purchased. In any case, it is a physiologically and socially handicapping inconvenience with the possibility of rapid weakening of the whole organism (lack of sleep, etc.). To quickly solve the problem, we did not find any other option than using a complete application cycle with Derma.Ferm® COMPLETE, where we observe rapid relief several hours after applying the red emulsion with complete resolution of symptoms within 2 to 3 days. For most users, the problem is solved by using one application cycle unless the irritating stimulus reappears.

Dr. D. H. Kaplan M.D. from the University of Minnesota states that in various forms of atopic eczema, the microbial picture is clear and the main factor is the spread of various forms of the pathogen S. aureus weakening the skin barrier. As the beneficial S. epidermidis skin bacteria used in our products are well equipped for biological control of this pathogen, experts recommend the use of such products. This has been confirmed in practical tests performed by BiomCare® Dr. Kaplan’s Paper The disease is often exacerbated by persistent itching and subsequent scratching of the affected areas, which is a problem especially in children. As the best solution, we recommend the use of Derma.Ferm® COMPLETE, when it is often possible to include its application to kids on mornings and evenings as a part of their daily ritual. For the first two days after starting the application of the red oil emulsion, the intensity of redness often might deepen due to the release of pathogens from skin deposits, but there is a noticeable relief of pain and itching, which contributes to calming of the situation. This calming is then completed in the first days of application of the green oil emulsion of that name. Atopic dermatitis often occurs in repeated episodes, however, the establishment of a healthy microflora on the skin by applying Derma.Ferm® COMPLETE at least four times a year, the intensity and duration of these episodes can be significantly reduced or even completely alleviated.

Dr. S. L. Feldman M.D. from the School of Medicine at the University of North Carolina states that compared to atopic eczema, psoriasis is a typical multifactorial disease with severe immunological impairment in the advanced and final stages of the disease. The results of our company confirm the possibility of significantly slowing the development of the disease in the early and middle phase before the full development of the immunological component of the condition. Remission of the disease at this stage is often dramatic even without the use of biological treatment Dr. Feldman’s Paper For treatment in this case, we recommend using Derma.Ferm® COMPLETE following the standard instructions. The experience gained from our cooperation with the Czech Association of Psoriatics and Atopic Eczema SPAE clearly shows that unexpectedly good effects occur several days after the application of the initial red emulsion. For advanced and very advanced stages of the disease, the relief is not significant and in any case, professional treatment by a doctor leading to the inclusion into the biological treatment is required.

Dr. Irena Pastar M-D- of the University of Miami's Center for Wound Treatment and Regenerative Medicine demonstrates that commensal skin bacteria demonstrate invaluable services to fungal infections in diabetic patients by being able to properly tune the skin's immune system and produce effective antifungal molecules Dr. Pastar’s Paper Irregularities in the production of the biological components of the natural protective barrier pave the way for skin infections, of which infections on the feet and nails are particularly unpleasant and persistent. All practical tests performed by BiomCare clearly show quick relief from skin infections (many of which may not be obvious to us at first glance), when using Derma.Ferm® COMPLETE. However, the speed of resolution of the problem significantly depends on the location of the infections: while for skin infections, one application cycle with repetitions of two to three times a year is usually enough, solving very persistent nail infections usually requires several continuous repetitions of the application cycle.

Dr. Y. W. Lee of the Konkuk University School of Medicine in Seoul emphasizes that physicians should pay maximum attention to the sensitive skin of diabetics, especially from the point of view of yeast and fungal infections. For these infections, damaged diabetic skin combined with higher sugar levels in the blood create a very attractive destination Dr. Pastar’s Paper The skin of diabetic patients is very problematic in terms of its function as a protective barrier, because there is a much higher percentage of unwanted infections than in the general population, and the skin barrier is often damaged by the destructive effects of both the disease and the invading pathogens. For this reason, we recommend that you always use a complete package of care with Derma.Ferm® COMPLETE with application for three weeks according to the cleansing - calming - nutrition scheme to restore a healthy skin barrier. The user or the person performing the application should carefully monitor the condition of the skin after the initial application of red lotion as the initial redness is supposed to calm down within one or two days. If such a course does not occur, the first cycle can be shortened to a minimum of 3 days (ie 5-6 applications) and a calming cycle can be applied immediately. For skin with already treated and stabilized microflora, it is recommended to spray with VIRAREST® within one month after the end of the application.

Dr. G. F. Murphy M.D. from Harvard Medical School states that a reduced defense barrier in aging senior skin associated with a shift in microbial balance can have far-reaching consequences not only for the condition and health of the skin as such, but also for the health of internal organs affected by deterioration of the barrier supposed to defend them Dr. Murphy’s Paper It is known from the medical literature that the skin of seniors is subject to microbial imbalances even naturally in connection with changes in the representation of individual classes of microorganisms with age. Care for the correct skin microflora is absolutely necessary in old age in connection with the physiological weakening of natural mechanisms maintaining the skin barrier (e.g. changes in the chemical environment of the skin, weakening the mutual cohesion of surface layer cells, frequent occurrence of pigmentation, etc.) At the same time, unpleasant and long-term bacterial and fungal infections often occur. Practical tests performed by our company on senior users clearly revealed the beneficial effect of Derma.Ferm® COMPLETE. The skin is solid, supple, well hydrated and properly lubricated, unpleasant pigmentation disappears and at the same time there is a significant shift to a healthy skin microflora characteristic for the young and middle age persons.

This is a combination very common in active modern people, combining high workload with high to extreme sports efforts and active lifestyle. In this situation, due to the splash of released hormones, the normal physiology of the skin, including its microbial balance, is disturbed. In terms of solving this condition depends on its intensity and duration. If the microbial balance is disturbed only slightly, a weekly cure with the use of Derma.Ferm® CLEANACUTE applied in the morning and at the end of the day might be sufficient. In case of persistent skin discomfort manifested by itching, burning, excessive heating or prolonged redness, which does not disappear even in a state of rest, it is advisable to cover all sensitive areas with the complete cure using Derma.Ferm® COMPLETE tryingat the same time to minimize the original triggering factors.

Dr. C. E. Campbell M.D. from the University of Sydney states that several treatments of skin disinfectants containing alcohol and detergents can damage the microflora with long-term consequences in terms of non-specific dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, rosacea and acne as well as premature skin aging. Scientific experiments in mice, on the other hand, have clearly shown that abiotic skin is very susceptible to pathogen invasion, which occurs with iron regularity within one to two weeks. However, similar devastating effects are observed after the administration of antibiotics, both oral and local (e.g. skin creams) Campbell’s Paper For most users, a weekly application cycle of Derma.Ferm® CLEANACUTE will help to restore the physiological microflora. In the case of a weekly treatment of abiotic sites with VIRAREST®, in addition, enhanced protection against viruses effectively blocked by the high molecular weight fraction of the beneficial bacterium S. epidermidis is strengthened and provided.

Captain Bc. Jiří Tomeš from the Fire Brigade and Rescue Service of the Central Bohemian Region in Kladno states that Derma.Ferm® caused immediate relief in more severe cases of burns in firemen, but the product helped to heal faster in all the examined subjects. We were informed by our users about the beneficial effects of Derma.Ferm® CLEANACUTE for burns that we did not originally anticipate. Systematic research then revealed the possibility of rapid relief from both thermal and solar burns caused by UV radiation. This is probably a combination of immediate and long-term effects, with chemical components such as amino acids, polyols (carbohydrates and sugar alcohols) and lipids responsible for short-term relief, while long-term protection and faster healing of burns are mainly due to enhanced antimicrobial protection by the recovered healthy skin microflora.

Any mechanical damage to the skin, whether it is cutting, abrasion or bruising, breaks the skin's protective barrier and, without restoring it, opens the gate to the body for bacterial and viral infections. In such a situation, the effect of Derma.Ferm® CLEANACUTE is invaluable. The gentle spray of this product first closes the wound with a protective layer created by the rapid drying of the oil emulsion. Under the cover thus formed, ideal conditions are created for the so-called wet healing, the currently preferred method of wound healing. Beneficial bacteria protect the wound site from microbial infection, while another group of substances cleans the wound and accelerates its healing. In particularly dramatic situations, it is possible to alternate spraying with the above-mentioned product with spraying with VIRAREST® providing an increased antiviral protection in addition to the other above described effects.

Dr. F. A. Scannapieco M.D. University of Bufallo emphasizes that a healthy oral microflora is critical not only for oral health and the prevention of tooth decay, gingivitis, and periodontal inflammation, but also fundamentally affects the health of the mucous membranes of the respiratory system and thus resistance to respiratory infections Doctor A healthy microflora of the oral cavity is very interesting in that it is dependent on healthy skin microflora and on the other hand conditions the mucous membranes of the respiratory system and thus significantly its resistance to respiratory infections such as colds, cough and flu. The advantage of VIRAREST® ORAL is the possibility of its preventive use by regular spraying of the oral cavity twice a day, which significantly reduces the onset of respiratory infections, as demonstrated by experiments on a mouse model. In addition, this product has a beneficial effect on the overall health of the oral mucosa and thus effectively prevents the development of aphthae, gingivitis and periodontal problems (periodontitis) associated in old age with loss of the suspension apparatus, and, eventually, loss of the teeth.

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