About BiomCare

Brief History

The company BiomCare s.r.o. was founded in March 2018 by four partners with many years of experience in the fields of microbiology, imunology, and bioscience. The goal of the company since its birth was to develop and market products for healthy skin based on components of healthy skin microflora in combination with substances of environmental microorganisms. The European research center CAVD Dobříš became the headquarters of the company shortly after its establishment. Already a first year into its existence, the company was able to patent key knowledge about its products and subsequently launch the first two products DermaFerm® COMPLETE and CLEANACUTE onto the market. At the time of the COVID-19 pandemic, business activity was dampened, although the products proved very useful in regenerating the skin of nurses and caregivers destroyed by extensive use of disinfectants. At the same time, the pandemic period was used to develop and finalize two new products, Virarest® and Virarest® Oral. Currently, the development of other preparations continues, for example DermaFerm® COMBI oil emulsion for very sensitive skin with acne and oil emulsion / gel for burns and non-healing wounds.

Our Mission

The mission of the company is the development and production of unique cosmetic, medical device, and, in the future, medicinal products of the highest quality for the maintenance and restoration of a healthy microbiome of the skin and adjacent mucous membranes. The results of international research in the last twenty years have clearly demonstrated the importance of the beneficial microorganisms of the physiological skin microflora on skin health. Accelerating the process of restoration of damaged natural microflora can be catalyzed with the help of components of environmental microorganisms capable of disrupting biofilms with pathogens, with subsequent elimination of released pathogens and calming of the immune system. The original design of the three-component product Dermaferm COMPLETE was based on this concept, with an application protocol according to the scheme of cleaning – soothing – nourishing, taking a total of three weeks. For modern users accustomed to instant effective preparations, this application may seem too long. Therefore, we are very encouraged by our new results with the combined product Derma.Ferm COMBI with a weekly application protocol.

Research & Development

Research and development of new products is part of our daily work. The basis is the study of key articles in the scientific literature and their critical evaluation with the aim of extracting critical information for us in today’s flood of published knowledge. Based on the study of the literature and our previous experience, we will proceed with the formulation of the project and its assignment to one of the projects of either internal, company research or a project with support from public sources according to EC rules. If we start from the hypotheses published in the scientific and medical literature, the first step is always to verify how the ideas work in our hands, first at the laboratory and then at the practical level. As soon as the first experimental preparation appears, we immediately try its practical use, relying on a network of volunteers – healthy individuals and individuals with specific skin diseases. If the product passes this sieve, we start negotiations with partners performing laboratory and practical testing. If everything is in order, we quickly start negotiations with the professional companies responsible for conducting independent tests and issuing the Report on the safety of the cosmetic product. The release of this Report, the notification of the product on the European CPNP cosmetics portal and the release of the PIF file for the first manufactured batch open the way for the product to the market in EC countries. The second critical area for us is the market in the United States, where, however, the expert authority FDA follows its own rules. It is very carefully monitored whether someone sells a cosmetic product with claims that could indicate non-cosmetic effects. At any stage of development, but always before publication of any data, intellectual property protection must be carried out using the Industrial Property Office of Czech Republic in Prague as the starting point, with subsequent patent and trademark protection in other countries and regions (EC, USA). BiomCare received a Utility Model in 2018, a patent in 2020 and another Utility Model in 2022. The relevant up-to-date documents for the two patent families obtained so far can be found in the international patent databases (eg Espacenet Advanced Search, Applicant: BiomCare).